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    Oberwerk BT-70-45 Binocular...

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    Oberwerk 45° 70mm Binocular Telescope, the smallest and least expensive binocular with 1.25″ focusers on market. Includes 16x FMC oculars. Triplet objectives, broadband multi-coating throughout. Aluminum-frame case. Requires tripod mount.

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    Oberwerk BT-100XL ED...

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    The BT-100XL-ED is the pinnacle of Oberwerk optical technology, achieving superior image quality with a 100mm binocular telescope that weighs a mere 12.5 lbs!

  • LW Binoculars 11x70mm

    Price €119.00

    Giant 70mm objectives gather a serious amount of light (twice as much as 50mm objectives)- so these are ideal for astronomy. Available in your choice of either 11x or 15x magnification.

  • The 25×100 Deluxe is available in your choice of CF (center-focus) or IF (individual focus). Fully broadband multi-coated, waterproof and nitrogen-filled.