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    Oberwerk Mariner CF 10x60

    Price €169.00

    These extra-rugged waterproof binoculars are ideal for birding, hunting, surveillance, astronomy, and of course nautical applications.

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    LW Binoculars 11x70mm

    Price €119.00

    Giant 70mm objectives gather a serious amount of light (twice as much as 50mm objectives)- so these are ideal for astronomy. Available in your choice of either 11x or 15x magnification.

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    Oberwerk Ultra 15x70

    Price €399.00

    Oberwerk Ultra Series is our highest-quality mid-size binoculars, equaling the performance of the finest Japanese brands, for about half the price. Incredible sharpness across almost the the entire field. Very rugged construction with precise individual focusers.  Available in 15x magnification.